Lauren Kim Roche was born November 5th, 1961, in Wellington, New Zealand. Her mother, Pam Roche, was eighteen and married five months at the time of her birth.

In November of 1999, Lauren published her bestselling autobiography, Bent Not Broken, launching her career as author and lecturer. In Bent Not Broken and the sequel, Life On The Line, Lauren writes of sexual abuse and rape as a child. With refreshing honesty and clarity, she shares the difficulties and trauma of living with a nomadic and neglectful mother, addicted to drugs and alcohol. After losing her mother to addiction and repeated failed relationships, Lauren details the pain of her final loss when her mother commits suicide.

At the age of sixteen, Lauren became infamous as a stowaway on an American Coast Guard icebreaker, eventually spending time in the U.S. as an illegal alien and groupie of the Dr. Hook band. As she hitchhiked through the U.S., she was victimized in a roadside gang rape and incarcerated as an illegal alien for several weeks before being deported to New Zealand. Upon her forced return to New Zealand, she becomes pregnant, choosing to give birth to her illegitimate child rather than have a clandestine abortion.

Seeking to support herself and her child, Lauren worked as an exotic dancer, masseuse and eventually a prostitute. During this time, she followed in her mother’s footsteps abusing drugs and alcohol while embracing destructive relationships. Her dependency on drugs was fueled by debilitating depression which eventually leads to her first attempted suicide. This proved a pivotal point in her life. Rather than returning to her life as a prostitute, she made the courageous and inspirational decision to get an education and eventually pursue and complete a degree in medicine.

During her transition from prostitute to physician, Lauren experimented with lesbian relationships, had another illegitimate child with special needs, made a second attempt at suicide, filed for bankruptcy and was confronted with the reality her firstborn son had become a sex offender.

Dr. Lauren Roche has celebrated her fifth year of marriage. She has earned a reputation as a respected physician, bestselling author and sought after motivational speaker. Shortly after her marriage, Lauren renewed her need for religion and became a member of the Napier New Zealand Baptist Church. In her “spare time”, she pursues a university degree in divinity and is writing her third book with the working title, Still Waters.
Her new writings carry the reader forward from the end of her second book, Life On The Line, as well as offering an open and sometimes painful description of lessons learned since the publication of Bent Not Broken. Lauren shares her renewed commitment to religious faith and continued growth as she pursues her education and goal to hold a dual Doctorate in Medicine and Divinity.