Bent Not Broken as read by the author Lauren Kim Roche, wife, mother, motivational speaker and Medical Doctor.
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Bent Not Broken was originally published in New Zealand and followed by translations in Chinese and German.

Bent Not Broken was a best selling autobiography in it's 2000 release and has had a profound impact on many who have found its unique story uplifting and life changing.

Lauren's story is riveting ... an emotional roller coaster of a ride with a wonderfully inspiring peek into the psyche and heart of someone who not only survived against great odds but has dedicated her life to enriching the lives of countless others. In stock. Ships from the U.S.$9.95 US

Full Spectrum Publishing, a division of Expanded Technologies Incorporated, has acquired the rights to make Bent Not Broken available in audio as well as e-book format. Expanded Technologies Incorporated is the signed agent for Lauren Kim Roche.