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Fuelling better

I used to drive a ratty old car ... a Vauxhall Chevette which was almost as old as I at the time.

It got me to work as a doctor, and puttered up hills under duress. As we were often the slowest vehicle on the road I spent a lot of time hugging the kerb, pulling as far left as I could (I live in New Zealand) to let the stronger, bigger, faster cars go by.  Having owned dogs I recognised the position we took as subservient, non threatening, docile.  I didn’t want to be on the wrong end of road rage.

Now I drive a Mercedes, sleek and powerful.  We drive confidently, quickly, the bigger engine purrs rather than putters, and I don’t hug the kerbs any more.  It feels good...

In my other life, as a triathlete, I am returning to training after a four year hiatus.  Four years ago I swam confidently, back and forth in the lanes, keeping up with most of the other athletes.   My engine, well trained and maintained meant I didn’t have to pull over to let the fast kids past.

Four years of minimal body maintenance have taken their toll. I swim in the slow lane, to the far left, sometimes banging into the wall in my willingness to let the fast people go by.  My aerobic (engine) capacity is far lower, hence the training much slower than I wish it to be.

But things are changing. I am fuelling better, and slowly creeping the kilometres and speed up.  This time with my newly rehauled engine I will continue to train.  Meantime, I will slowly ease my way from the left of the slow lane to the middle. From the slow lane to the medium one, and stepwise I will get myself to the place I want to be ... crossing the finish line of Ironman New Zealand in a better time than I managed in 2012.

Say ‘hi’ if you see me creeping along in the pool or on the road one day.  And wish me well on my way to success.