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The Amazing Gift That Is The Fresh Chance

The Amazing Gift That Is The Fresh Chance

Another new moon, another first of the month, another Monday.

All traditionally associated with a new opportunity. A chance for a fresh start – and don’t we all need those from time to time…

Today is also my eldest son’s 32
nd birthday. I haven’t seen him for many years. The rift between us is huge, and I hope not unbreachable. One day we will both need to take a big breath, place trust in other and try for a new start. I hope that day comes.

This morning I am sitting in the gym car park waiting for the place to open. I have a session with my personal trainer then an hour in the pool. Having felt stale for a couple of weeks I am giving the training a shake up. Hence Craig the PT who is whipping me into shape.

I have also stopped using my Ironman coach as I have been very irritating to teach lately. So caught up with work and training and making my relationship whole that I haven’t reported to him as agreed. Silly of me to waste my money, his skills and experience at a time when I simply can’t make any more time to report on what I am up to. So I am going to have to slow down, reflect, decide whether or not to patch the coach relationship – which is far less important than the one with my son and my partner. Meantime make the best of my new start.

It’s cold this morning; would have been nice to stay snuggled in bed, but new beginnings don’t happen without effort and commitment and imagination.

So I will take a big breath, clear my mind of recent past experiences and plunge anew into the amazing gift that is the fresh chance.