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Enjoy The Changes

Progression Enjoy The Changes

One of the things I find most difficult about training is the lack of linear progression. Even without overtraining it is in the nature of physical change that improvement happens faster some times and slower others.

Swimming is where I notice it most.  One day I can swim easy for 2000 metres then do some short sharp bursts, speed drills and kicking before leaving the pool refreshed and very pleased with my progress.  Other days I leave feeling demoralised because a kilometre swim felt just too hard, and my rotation didn’t feel right, and I struggled with coordination while the other swimmers seemed to be having a far easier time of it.

Keeping a training diary helps keep these blips in perspective.  Often after a period of slow gain there comes a burst of improvement where gains made seem enormous.  When I first started swimming again after a gap of four years I could barely swim 25 metres without feeling like my lungs would burst. Three weeks later I diairised my great delight at swimming 400 metres without stopping.  Wow!  Being able to return to my training log and recall the feeling that I could do ANYTHING having made such a great improvement helps me keep things in perspective when my performance seems stagnant.

Evolution of fitness, shape and ability in all fields comes in leaps and bounds, and is not the steady, ever- forward progression that we would like to see. To work through the hard times takes courage, commitment and the ability to see the big picture.

Keep a diary.

Review it often.

See how far you have come.

And enjoy the changes. They make all the hard work worthwhile.