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To many, total abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.  Saint Augustine

I must say, I agree with Augustine. Moderation is hard.

I have got where I have in life by sustaining a single focus, often over long periods, and often at the expense of other, competing interests. It may not surprise that I have been married more than once – lost the same 20 kg over and over again. When the focus on daily life is subsumed to the newest obsession, life might fall by the wayside.

In 2012, I line up for my second Ironman race. The race is 343 days away today, but already I am out the door at 4.30 each morning to swim, bike, run and gym my way to the start line. The focus, dedication and hard work are essential – without them I may as well withdraw my entry fee and sit on the couch. This time though I will be kinder to my workmates, kinder to my partner, and kinder to myself.

Somewhere, deep inside, I must find moderation, take a broader outlook and keep the rest of my life on track as I pursue my dream.

Moderate does not mean mediocre – it means excelling in more than one area at once.

That is my aim for the rest of my life.

How do the rest of you cope with moderation?