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People Power

People Power

How powerless we can feel when we stand alone.

How rare it is to see one person prevail against alone against a bully, a despot, a corrupt corporation or an unjust law. So rare, in fact, that we write books and movies about their success, and turn them into folk heroes.

The true power of people is best seen through cooperation, working together.  Recent events in the Middle East have shown what concentrated people power can achieve.  Regimes that seemed unending have wavered; some have fallen while others teeter on the brink.

When one person cries aloud about injustice their voice can be shouted down. When a hundred, a thousand, a million people stand together even high powered weapons cannot still their voice. The world stops and listens. Change shuffles in.

When we see injustice let us find our communal voice.

Let us stand together.

Let us make our world a better place for all.

Let people power reign.